Pantelis Theodosiou Profile

I am Pantelis Theodosiou, a skilled software developer based in Greece with over three years of experience. My specialty lies in crafting exceptional web-based applications, with a keen focus on simplicity and usability. Passionate about the convergence of design and technology, I am dedicated to creating experiences that leave a positive impact. With unwavering commitment to excellence, I approach each project with meticulous attention to detail, striving to exceed expectations. My resolute pursuit of excellence is evident in every line of code and pixel I place. If you seek a sophisticated, professional, and innovative developer, I am ready to embark on new ventures to create extraordinary web-based applications that truly stand out.

Currently, I'm focused on building accessible, human-centered products at Athens Technology Center. Before that, I worked at Smalls where I was an intern and I was responsible for the maintenance and development of WordPress themes and plugins and Windows-based applications.

Before Smalls I spent some time working as a freelancer where I was developing everything from one-page websites to native mobile applications.

Beyond work, I'm passionate about exploring coffee houses, cooking, indulging in TV-shows/movies, dabbling in technology, and devouring books. My diverse interests add depth to my persona, fueling my insatiable appetite for knowledge and refinement.